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May 05, 2012


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Thanks, this worked.
A couple of additions:
Open the utility "Terminal"
Type in commands above with a space between networksetup and the dash
Press Return
You may be prompted to enter your administrator password to verify
Voila! It works.


i can't believe it, it works like a charm. I was about to throw my mac over the window

Suzanna Noort

Thank you for this tip! I was also pulling my hair out having to restart my mac every time it refused to connect to my Airport Express.

Suzanna Noort

Incidentally, are there any disadvantages to disabling IPv6?

Pat Roche

when I type

networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi

with a space before "Wi-Fi" I get the message

"Wi-Fi is not a recognized network service.
** Error: The parameters were not valid."

any suggestions?

This is from my MAC. When I run the airport utility it looks like everything is good. When I look at "NetworK" under "System Preferences" It says I am not connected to the AirPort

I am able to stream music from my iPhone to the AirPort Express.

Dave Cortright

In the command line try:
networksetup -listnetworkserviceorder

That will show you the exact names of all of the network ports on your system. Reference the name exactly in the command to turn off IPv6.

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