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September 25, 2008


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Arthur Klepchukov

Nice job! I like your simplification of the Discover and Visa logos.

P.S. Your captcha doesn't work in Opera 9.5 on OS X.

Dave Cortright

I can't take credit for the designs. Those are the updated logos for those brands. Check out http://visa.com and http://www.discovercard.com/


Thanks! Used the logos on a mass post mailing to our 2500 customers


I tend to grab vectors for any popular logos such as these from brandsoftheworld.com.

Nice job though.


I needed these logo's for a PowerPoint presentation, great stuff, thanks


Just another "thank you" from someone that is appriciative of your work! Great job! -William


Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Michelle Smythe

Brilliant - just what I was looking for! Many Thanks for hard work.


THank you!


Thank you. Thanks for sharing. Will share something on your behalf. Take care.


Just what I needed for our new brochures, thanks.




Thanks! You'd think these companies would provide these, but no!! These are the best images I've seen- thank you!

Joshua Cripps

Thanks so much for putting these together. Helped me make a much more professional-looking sign.


Vector CC logos? I must be dreaming. Thanks!

Bob R

Thank you! Was doing a brochure and all I had were vector graphics from 2001! Did a quick image search and you came up at top. Thank you for putting these out there for us!


Oh thanks i love you so much!


Thanks Dave! Will be using these with our new site design.

Brandy Linn & Midwest School Shows Staff

Thank you so much. We are exhibiting a PTO / PTO school trade show next week and needed hi-res credit card logos for our signage. These are better than anything else available on the web (trust us...we looked). You have made the lives of the Midwest School Shows office staff a little less stressful this week. Thanks again!


Great work sir.
I assume since you recreated the Amex logo you have the typeface. I have been trying to find that damn font ages now but with no joy, please please please tell me it's name!!
I will pay you in internet karma :)

thanks tom

Dave Cortright

As far as I know, there is no typeface for the AmEx logo. Generally logo type is hand drawn, or at least significantly tweaked from the font that it came from.

As for the logo I created, I used vectormagic.com to create an outline, then cleaned it up in Illustrator.


Thanks for this. I am sure the design community appreciates your work!
p.s., your contact form is not the most intuitive...

Chris McCorkle

Thanks for cleaning these up. They look excellent.

Nancy Troske

These were life savers for me today - I needed good vector images of these logos urgently to make a sign. My merchant account people did not send me any decals or signs. Thank you very much!

Skews Me

I'd like to see your logos reduced to individual same-sized images to include GIF/JPEG as PNG isn't well supported yet. Also, your single PNG image example including the old logos only complicates the color palette. Otherwise, great work.

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