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June 27, 2012


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But there is disparity between the schools. and why do some schools get all day kindergarten and not others? and why do some schools get Razz kids and not others?

I am new to the district but am curious if there is the AM/PM kindergarten divide in that last year, our PM kindergarten felt like 2nd class citizens - chess/math and other clubs were scheduled during our kindergarten time and there was an AM Daisy and the PM had to create our own. I realize these are outside controlled factors (the afterschool programs are farmed out) and Girls Scouts is is own thing, but it did not make us feel very welcome.

Dave Cortright

Sorry you felt marginalized. While many think Los Alto schools are amazing, they are not for everyone. I have a friend who—at considerable effort and expense—moved out of LASD to get his daughters into Ohlone in PAUSD. I do encourage you to talk to school administrators about your concerns. I have found them to be very empathetic, and perhaps they can make some suggestions that would improve your experience. And of course I do encourage you to reach out to the parents at We Choose Los Altos School District as well. Best of luck to you!

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