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May 03, 2012


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David....what is your opinion on BCS requiring drivers license and immunizations to be eligible for enrollment?
CA ed code says residency is not a requirement for schooling nor is immunization. For the simple matter that there are homeless kids that need an education. Yet this requirement weeds out these kids and leaves them for the neighborhood school to "deal with".
One would think that any person that has been required to produce a license is an offended party to discrimination and violation of Ed Code. Maybe the Office of Civil Rights would be interested? just my humble opinion

Dave Cortright

Hey Bill, I think what they are doing is illegal. They have already been publicly pressured to remove the illegal parts of their application process: IEP and driver's license. I think if these sorts of things are raised in a public way to their chartering authority, SCCOE, there is a good chance that BCS will again be forced to change. I highly encourage you to first reach out to SCCOE about this, and if that doesn't work, pursue other avenues such as the Office of Civil Rights or the ACLU.

Thanks for taking the time to engage on this issue. Tell all your friends!

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