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October 18, 2009


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Philip Haine

Love it!!

It belongs at StealThisIdea.com. And in many other apps.

(I wish the iPhone date picker would use the usual calendar month widget and not the silly slot machine spinners.)

- Philip

Bob Ebert

You're right that the time picker widgets are awful. But I'm not sure this is any better.

The calendar picker widget is better than a text box because it gives me extra information: the day of the week for the dates. I don't readily know the number for next Friday, but it's easy to pick from a calendar.

A time widget has to be better than a text box. I don't think this one is. I can type "2:35pm" faster and more precisely than I can pick them from any of the time picker widgets. A text box might help by auto appending a good guess at the rest of the string... but that's about the only improvement I can think of.

Unless a keyboard or keypad isn't available for some reason (touch UI?), please just make sure the text box works.


Fucking awesome.


Sorry, what font are you using in the image? Is the widget available somewhere?

Dave Cortright

The font is Meta. Really any humanist serif would work. Segoe is a nice one and comes with all of the recent versions of Microsoft Windows.

I don't think anyone has made an open source widget of this. It did ship as a part of the My Oracle Support web app (thanks to my colleague Richard Miller who coded it up over an evening). I'm happy for any motivated web dev to implement it and release it.

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